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Aqua Vital

Keep our planet safer and cleaner by using less plastic bottles: our water bottles are reused many times before being recycled.

From the choice of materials to the equipment of our deliverers, we do everything to promote eco-consumption reflexes, have a minimal CO2 footprint and promote the multiple lives of materials.

Tailored offer for families and companies. Contact us for more info!


The benefits of water

In a hot and dry environment, the human body needs a large amount of water. This amount also varies depending on the activity of the body.

It is estimated that an adult should absorb an average of 2.5 liters of water each day (of which 1.5 liters from drinks and 1 liter from food).

To stay healthy, it is important to drink throughout the day, without waiting to be thirsty.

This allows, on the one hand, to eliminate waste and toxins from the body and, on the other hand, to avoid any risk of dehydration.

This last aspect is essential because dehydration leads to a decrease in physical and intellectual performance.

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