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Based in Belgium, our company has been founded in 2011 initially to promote the social, cultural and economic inclusion of foreigners, mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa, in the local community. 

In order to achieve our goals, we have been using sport and culture. Today, with a wider network and more partners, we are aiming at better social and economic conditions of our members, partners, and of course, a better world through the use of bamboo as material.

Gérard is the founder and project manager of No Borders. Born in Rwanda and raised in Belgium, Gérard was inspired by his own experience: studies, travelling and cycling. He attended the university of Mons (Belgium) and Limerick (Ireland) and travelled across Europe and Africa. 

He has launched a football team in 2007 before shifting to cycling in 2014. Inspired by cycling, he travelled to Uganda in 2018 where he met Kasoma Noordin, who builds bamboo bike frames. A year later, he met Kwabena Denso, founder of Booomers in Ghana and his European partner, my Boo.

Today, he manages the project of my Boo bikes commercialization in Belgium as well as other bamboo products and eco-friendly items.


Why Bamboo ?

Bamboo is the future. It is the most beautiful, versatile, tallest and strongest material that we could possibly choose. Bamboo is strong, renewable, sustainable and has a long life.

We strongly believe that bamboo as material will help us to create a really social impact with our partners: farmers, consumers and other stake holders.

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