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Rental conditions:

  • All rentals are subject to the signature of a rental contract.
  • Reservations are confirmed after the reception of a reservation fee of 10% of the total rental fare (payment by bank transfer). No refund of this reservation fee if the rental is cancelled within one month to the start of the rental period.
  • Guarantee/deposit: an ID document (passport, identity card or driving licence) and 250€ deposit
  • Full payment is due on the first day of the rental period at the latest.
  • Our Pinos are always provided to you in top condition and cleaned. So we expect that you return it in the same condition.
  • The customer will collect and return the bike to our office.

Rental service

Hase Bikes

Special semi-recumbent tandem that, depending on its features and equipment, can serve as a beloved bike for globetrotters (PINO) and other sporty standard models and comfortable e-trikes for kids and adults.

Bamboo4OurPlanet give you the opportunity to rent our Pino Hase Bike. Contact us for more info.

Rental service: 2020 prices, taxes included


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Why Bamboo ?

Bamboo is the future. It is the most beautiful, versatile, tallest and strongest material that we could possibly choose. Bamboo is strong, renewable, sustainable and has a long life.

We strongly believe that bamboo as material will help us to create a really social impact with our partners: farmers, consumers and other stake holders.

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